Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Money Saving Meal Plans and Delicious Recipes

I started subscribing to e-mealz.com last month and I'm loving the new recipes that are coming my way.  The potluckers at Crofton High get to try one of the yummy crockpot chicken recipes tomorrow that they've requested ever since they smelled it in the break room a couple weeks ago :)

For those of you living in larger cities, you can choose from meal plans that are store specific.  I receive the any store meal plan.  7 different recipes, along with a shopping list for the week are posted every Wednesday.  This has really helped change up some of our meals and I'm not cooking the same old thing over and over again, not to mention I'm using up some of the food we had on hand.  There are also point system specific meal plans for those of you wanting to lose some weight. Plans are posted for two weeks in case you miss printing off your meal plan one week.

Subscriptions are $15 for 12 weeks, and if you use coupon code DAVE (pretty sure that's a Dave Ramsey code), you'll receive a $2.50 discount.  You can go HERE to check it out.

My good friend Bek has also started a blog with some tasty foods.  Although she's living in Kentucky now, you can still see some of her native Nebraska cooking shining through!  Her yummy blog is here: http://eatsandtreatsrecipes.blogspot.com/


Rebekah January 26, 2011 at 10:43 AM  

Thanks for the Shout Out Girl!!!! I love your blog and find tons of extra bargains because of it! <3

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