Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Where can you find coupons on the internet?

The following sites change their coupons regularly:

Some of the sites will have repeat coupons, but there are a max number of times that you can print a coupon.  So if you max out on one, you may be able to print more off of one of the others. is a site that actually has a database of coupons.  You'll need to create a free account, and then click on the database tab.  Most of the states in our area aren't listed, but you can click on midwest to search for coupons in our area.  If you're looking for a certain brand, type the name in the database and it will return a list of inserts from recent papers that had that coupon or give you a link to where you can print one off the net.

If there is a certain brand of product that you buy a lot of, do a search for the product and go to their website and facebook site.  If there is a tab marked coupons or promotions, click on it and you may be able to score some coupons there.


Local grocery deals week of Jan 19

If you received the Sunday paper, there was a coupon for $1/2 Pringles.  Bloomfield and Crofton Affiliated stores have them on sale this week for 2/$3, making them $1 a piece.

New York brand frozen sticks, rolls, bread and toast are on sale for $2.69, and if you go to this site, sign up for free, and print off the 50 cents off coupon for any frozen New York brand product, you'll get this for $1.69 with a doubled coupon at People's in Crofton.  If you go back to the original screen and hit print again, it will allow you to print the coupon two times.

Jimmy Dean breakfast skillets are on sale for $3.69 at both Bloomfield and Crofton, "like" Jimmy Dean on facebook and get a coupon for $1 off any Jimmy Dean product.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tips for printing coupons

Some people wonder if printing coupons at home costs more money than it's worth.  Here are some tips for saving money when printing coupons:

*Use the back side of your junk mail (make sure that there is no personal information).

*When using the "bricks" coupons, hit the cancel button on your printer as soon as the coupon has printed so that the big ad doesn't print.

*Set the default setting on your printer to fast draft and to black and white only, this will use less ink and of course, none of your colored ink.

*Refill your ink cartridges instead of purchasing new ones.  My college friend Rachelle who owns Cartridge World in Norfolk will give you great customer service for a great price!

*When using sites such as, choose your coupons in groups of threes.  One page will fit three coupons.  If you do print only one, you can turn your paper around and print another on the back side.


Roberts Dairy coupons

The Roberts Dairy coupons have reset.  Go to, sign up for a free account, and then click on the coupons tab.  There are four different coupons: 40 cents off any 1/2 gal of flavored milk, 30 cents off a 16 oz dip or sour cream, 55 cents off any gallon of milk, and buy two 6 oz yogurts get one free.


10 points Pampers code

Enter this code at for 10 free Gifts to Grow points:


The Children's Place code for an extra 20% off

My last post listed a code for 15% off, but there is a new out for 20% off.  Use this code for free shipping: FSJANUARY and use this code for 20% off: P7C2011  

Don't forget to go through to get an additional 3% cash back.


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