Thursday, January 27, 2011

Extra savings at Affiliated Stores week of January 26

Grands Pillsbury biscuits are 4/$5.  If you have purchased any Pillsbury crescent rolls in the last month, there were 55 cent coupons off of three attached to the tops of the crescent rolls.  Use your coupon at Hartington's Foodtown by Saturday (coupon will be doubled) to get your Grands biscuits for 98 cents a piece.  Or you can go to (go through swagbucks if you're a member to get swagbucks) and print off 2 coupons for saving 30 cents off of 2 (this one can't be doubled) and get them for 1.10 a piece.

Crofton's Peoples is offering a coupon in their ad for a free gallon of milk (up to $3) with the purchase of 3 Special K cereals (priced at 2.99 each).  Go HERE to get a coupon for buy one get one free.  Your cereal will be 1.99 a piece, plus a free gallon of milk!

If you're planning on spending more than $30 at Peoples, go HERE to get a coupon for a free 1# bag of baby carrots.

Cap'n Crunch is priced at 1.99 per box this week at Bloomfield, Crofton, and Hartington, with a coupon in the ad for $1 off 3 selected Quaker items, making your cereal 1.66 a box.  This cereal is normally over $5 per box.


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