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Hartington Foodtown and Crofton People's Grocery Deals

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Here are the great deals I found at the Affiliated grocery stores in Hartington and Crofton for this week:
Green Giant frozen steamer vegetables are 4/$5 (Peoples only).  Head on over to the Green Giant website to print your coupons for .50 cents off.  You should be able to print it twice.  With a doubled coupon (Wednesdays only at Peoples), this makes the vegetables 25 cents a piece if you can find another computer to print off a couple more coupons!  And without a doubled coupon, 75 cents a piece for these is still a pretty good deal. has a Fiber One coupon on their site for 50 cents off any box of Fiber One cereal bars.  Go to the Target site, and at the very bottom, click on coupons.  Use the menu over to the left and click on grocery.  Normally Target coupons have the Target emblem that prints off on them, but this one prints as a manufacturer coupon.  Fiber One cereal bars are on sale for 2/$5.00, so with doubled coupons, you'll be getting these for $1.50 a box!  There was also a 40 cent coupon in Sunday's paper if you don't want to print coupons.  (Foodtown would not double my internet printed coupon, even though it didn't say no doubling at the top, but Peoples did double it).

14 ounce Cheerios are on sale for 2/$5 and you can print off a coupon at for $1 off of 2 boxes of Cheerios.  This one can't be doubled, but you'll be paying just $2.00 for each big box of Cheerios, and Foodtown's price normally is 5.05 a box.

Betty Crocker fruit snacks (Spiderman and Scooby Doo only) and fruit roll ups are also 2/$5$4.  You can find a coupon for 50 cents in the Sunday paper insert.

Milky Way candy bars are on sale for 50 cents.  I couldn't find this coupon anymore at, but there was one there a while back for 50 cents off two Milky Way bars, so if you grabbed that one and saved it, you'll be able to get 2 candy bars for 25 cents a piece.  The coupon is on, I had reached my limit and was unable to print any more.  You should be able to print that one twice.  I picked these up at the Bloomfield Country Market Affiliated store, check and see if your local store has them on sale as well.

I did watch the Extreme Couponing show last week, and although my coworker behind me in the grocery store called me the crazy coupon lady today (until I told her I was scoring frozen vegetables for 25 cents, then she said maybe I wasn't so crazy, haha), I'm not near as extreme as they are.  I don't have a stockpile, but I do like to search for the store specials and coupons for the things that my family does use on a regular basis.  An item for free or close to free isn't much good if you're not going to use it.  I did decide that I was going to keep track of how much I save in coupons in 2011 by shopping store specials and coupons, and I can tell you that so far I have saved just under 40 dollars from store specials and saved 18.29 from clipping coupons.  Hopefully you can see some savings of your own this year!


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