Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tips for printing coupons

Some people wonder if printing coupons at home costs more money than it's worth.  Here are some tips for saving money when printing coupons:

*Use the back side of your junk mail (make sure that there is no personal information).

*When using the "bricks" coupons, hit the cancel button on your printer as soon as the coupon has printed so that the big ad doesn't print.

*Set the default setting on your printer to fast draft and to black and white only, this will use less ink and of course, none of your colored ink.

*Refill your ink cartridges instead of purchasing new ones.  My college friend Rachelle who owns Cartridge World in Norfolk will give you great customer service for a great price!

*When using sites such as coupons.com, choose your coupons in groups of threes.  One page will fit three coupons.  If you do print only one, you can turn your paper around and print another on the back side.


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